Testing and Validation

Program testing, to confirm how each site will configure and use 3WS, is usually completed during the initial two week phase. When all features have been reviewed, the formal Operational Qualification (OQ) phase can be completed.

The OQ phase will require the site to complete a series of test scripts, to generate corresponding test results, with signatures for completion and also management review. Most sites complere between 50 70 test scripts, depending on the number of features configured for that site. Wayahead have developed over 800 test scripts, for all modules and features available within 3WS.

Wayahead would remain onsite to assist the local users, to generate the relevant Test Results. OQ validation for 50 70 tests, usually takes two weeks to complete. Upgrades would only require changes to be re-tested, which usually only takes a few days maximum.

The site would then be ready to move to the go-live phase and internal Performance Qualification (PQ) testing. Again, Wayahead can assist with this phase of the project. PQ usually only requires a few days testing for new sites or less than one day for upgrades.

>>>  Test Script Report Example (PDF)
>>>  Test Result Complete Example (PDF)

Validation Master Plan VMP

Wayahead can manage the complete VMP, IQ, OQ and PQ protocols for a site. User input and sign-off would be required for each phase of the project. With Wayahead's extensive onsite validation experience, the complete cysle from installation to go-live, can be completed in four weeks. This includes interface testing with the onsite ERP system.

During all activities, the data audit trail, greatly enhances the testing scenarios, with detailed history always available, to explain and confirm what occurred during every activity.