Wayahead Systems, based in New Jersey, develop barcode labelling, weighing, mixing and packaging systems for pharmaceutical and nutritional manufacturers. The current customer base includes many multi-national sites and also smaller manufacturers across 15 countries.

The main business of Wayahead is the installation and development of 3WS, their manufacturing software product. 3WS stands for Wayahead Windows Weighing System - 3 x W and 1 x S. Many additional modules or features, take 3WS, further into the production and manufacturing requirements of each operational site.

Sites use 3WS for many activities. These include, barcode labelling of received materials, dispensed items, order details, finished goods shippers and cartons. Many label features are available. 3WS is used to schedule and assemble work orders, weigh materials, issue and return packaging materials, calculate potency adjustments and gaurantee the Minerals & Vitamins for the finished product label claim. 3WS is also linked with PLC systems, like Rockwell, AZO, GEA/Seimens, Yokogawa, Allen Bradley etc.

Product development follows the strict requirements of the manufacturing industry regulatory groups such as FDA, EU, TGA, etc. All sites are fully validated, with complete testing scenarios and test results available for review. Wayahead are regularly audited, by existing and future manufacturing sites. Quality is very important to Wayahead, with all development or installation processes, plus support issues, clearly recorded and managed.