Manufacturing Execustion System (MES) PPT with audio | 16-Aug-2018 11:00 AM

The video covers the setup of MES rules followed by the recording of MES activities

Wayahead have released a 5-min video covering MES functionality within 3WS.

Please copy / paste this link into your browser to watch the video:

Install 3WS on a monthly subscription to eliminate budget concerns | 30-Sep-2016 11:14 AM

New subscription initiative for 3WS

Multi-nationals and also smaller manufacturers, are installing 3WS on a monthly subscription basis.  The 3WS Rental-Option eliminates budget or cash-flow concerns.

Traditional software purchase     vs      Subscription Rental-Option

 In a 'traditional' software purchase, the site buys the system at an agreed price, usually across multiple payment stages, such as Project Start, Installation, Validation onsite and finally Go-Live operation.

After Go-Live, the site pays an annual licence fee, which includes product support.  Sites also have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Wayahead, to ensure that Wayahead is contracted to provide product support for the site.


With the Rental-Option, the same reduced purchase price is agreed, which includes costs of installation and validation activities. An annual licence / Service Level Agreement (SLA) cost is also agreed.

The costs above, are totalled, to determine total costs over FIVE years.  Total costs are divided by 60 (months) to determine a monthly fee.  The monthly fee is then charged, six‑monthly or annually in advance.  Wayahead do not charge any finance fees, legal fees or interest rates.  We have a simple rental document, which includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

SUMMARY      Wayahead introduced the Rental-Option to ease the project budget, for our customers.  The Rental-Option reduces the initial costs, by spreading the costs evenly, across the life of the system.

Wayahead considers its Rental-Option is a win-win solution.  New sites are able to install 3WS earlier, with a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI).  A site will have 3WS running live, fully validated, well before the second rental payment becomes due.  And Wayahead gain a new site.

If you have any queries about Wayahead's Rental-Option initiative, please contact us at any time.

3WS mobile APP enhances production monitoring | 11-Mar-2013 08:44 AM

Wayahead are developing a mobile APP, for use on iPhones, iPads, mobile phones and PCs.  The App can be used to request many different production or database enquiries.

Currently, if a user is required to acknowledge a production warning, this event is already recorded inside 3WS.  The details of this event can now be reviewed using the mobile App.  Other mobile device enquiries will also be available.

If the mobile device is not connected via the site network, to the 3WS database, the user can request the information to be emailed to them, for viewing on their mobile device.

Various enquiries will be available using the App.  These include system exceptions, operator warnings, database or archiving results, order status, order-phase completion, final order completion, etc.  New enquiry functionality can be added, to ensure the App is useful, with timely production information.  Security and configuration are setup inside 3WS.


Wayahead are keen to get some useful feedback from existing 3WS sites, during the design & development phase.  If any existing 3WS users, would like to add value to this project, please contact Wayahead anytime, to review the URS, FRS and other design details for this project.

Wayahead at ISPE seminar at Metlife Stadium in NJ | 30-Aug-2012 11:53 AM

Thanks for joining Wayahead at the ISPE New Jersey 25th Anniversary Supplier Showcase at the beautiful MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. 

Participants reviewed a full DISPENSING & MIXING presentation, plus barcode labelling.

If you need any more details about our 3WS barcode labeling, weighing, mixing & packaging options, contact us on

NESTLE acquires Pfizer-Nutritional sites for $11.9bn | 27-Jul-2012 02:31 PM

Nestle have completed the purchase of the nutritional sites which were recently purchased by Pfizer from Wyeth in 2008.  Danone and Mead Johnson had been involved in the bidding process, for the Pfizer-Nutrition business.  Pfizer are also planning to sell the Wyeth Animal Health businesses.  Pfizer have retained the Wyeth pharmaceutical business.

Nestle will now begin the process of upgrading the nutritional sites, into their corporate computer systems.  Nestle use SAP for ERP functionality.  The ex-Pfizer sites will link the existing Wayahead weighing and mixing product (3WS) to each new SAP installation, across Philippines, Ireland, Singapore, China and Mexico.

More information about this article:

PIC/S regulations explained in Manila ISPE seminar | 27-Jul-2012 01:38 PM

Over 130 healthcare professionals attended a recent ISPE seminar in Manila, to learn about regulatory requirements.  25 local Philippines FDA members were also present to hear details about the Philippines membership of PIC/S (

GSK Philippines presented a number of excellent sessions on the regulations within PIC/S, including a helpful workshop in validating an Excel worksheet.

Wayahead presented a sessions on validation examples and case studies, plus an explanation of data audit trail functionality in the regulatory environment.  Wayahead also explained the link between FDA 21CRF11 requirements and 3WS, their barcode labelling, weighing & mixing product.

Other seminars are planned to continue this PIC/S learning experience across Asia.

For information about validating your products or setting up an automatic data audit trail, contact your local Wayahead office anytime.

Wyeth China - Mineral & Vitamin guarantee is fully validated | 24-Aug-2011 12:54 PM

A new module has been developed within 3WS.  The Batch Standardisation Module (BSM) will guarantee the Mineral & Vitamin label claim details on nutritional finished products.  Minerals & Vitamins (M&V), which are included in all ingredients, are checked across all Lotno used within each finished goods Batch.

The legal range of each Mineral or Vitamin, must be clearly identified on each finished product.  This information can now be checked by 3WS, against ingredient Lotno Certificate of Analysis (COA) values.  This guarantees that all M&V quantities are within the acceptable range, for that product.  This BSM check is confirmed, before manufacturing is completed.  The module is fully validated, with detailed historical reports available, to confirm each calculation of each M&V quantity, for all ingredients.

For more details about how 3WS can guarantee your Mineral & Vitamin finished goods results, please contact Wayahead anytime.

FONTERRA installs 3WS at another site | 17-Feb-2011 02:25 PM

Wayahead have installed 3WS at another Fonterra nutritional site in Darnum.  The plant makes infant nutritional formula and required a validated weighing, mixing and packaging system.

The site uses 6 dispensing areas, 4 manufacturing suites, linked to Rockwell PLC equipment.  All HMI use industrial touch-screens.  The validation phase took 4 weeks, managed by Wayahead.  For information on installation or testing procedures, contact Wayhead anytime.

BMS in Shanghai upgrades to SAP | 15-Sep-2010 11:54 AM

SASS, the BMS site in China, has installed SAP.  This new ERP system, has also been linked to 3WS.  The interfaces are fully operational, with validation test scripts generated to cover all outbound & inbound transaction processing.

3WS is used onsite for barcode labels or incoming materials, plus assembly, weighing and mixing of all ingredients in SAP Process Orders.  3WS also manages Chinese characters on screen, reports and labels.  The project was completed ontime, with Wayahead involved in the interface project and also the onsite validation phase.

Wayahead office in Jersey City NJ | 05-Apr-2010 11:06 PM

Wayahead Systems have an office in Jersey City NJ.  For any enquiries about barcode labels, weighing, mixing or finished goods labels, please contact Wayahead anytime.

A number of trade exhibitions and seminars are planned over the next few months.  Please review this News Section for updates.