Installation & Training

During each installation project, Wayahead will work the local users, to generate the relevant Installation Qualification (IQ) documentation. If the site is not familiar with IQ procedures, Wayahead can manage this important phase of the project, from File Server setup, through database creation, to workstation configuration of electronic balances, barcode scanners and barcode printers. It is recommended to prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), to document the configuration of each type of hardware connected to a workstation, such as balances, printers and scanners.

User training will also be completed during the initial phase of 3WS implementation. Training is usually conducted in separate sessions for system admin users, production supervisors and finally operators. At the end of the first week onsite, the agreed system parameter settings, for the site to activate 3WS features, will be established and these settings will be included in future OQ and PQ documentation.

IQ and training usually takes two weeks onsite.