3WS Exchange - Interfaces with ERP

SAP XML All 3WS sites are linked to the ERP system onsite. Examples are SAP, JDE, BPCS, Movex etc. Wayahead have developed a comprehensive interface management program, called 3WS-Exchange to manage the transfer of data between 3WS and your current system.

Data can be transferred in a variety of formats, such as XML data, shared database tables, flat ascii data files, etc. The structure of the data files can be configured for each site, using the ERP fields names if required.

Configuration options can be used to process external ERP data into 3WS. Most sites will require additional ERP data to be retained within 3WS, to be used during subsequent uploads back to the ERP system. This additional ERP data, can be configured onsite, without any extra program development. Examples would be SAP Reservation details, JDE Seq No, BPCS Bubble No, Movex Seq No. etc.

Hardware Architecture