3WS Dispensing

The main 3WS Dispensing module will manage all aspects of a site's weighing requirements. Core functionality covers Lotno barcode scanning, then electronic balance selection and regular calibration. Once the balance is selected, the user weighs the empty container Tare weight, then proceeds to weighing to the target quantity. A graphic color display, moving from Yellow (low) to Green (OK) to Red (high) assists the operator to weigh to the required level.

Weigh and extra

A dispensing label can be printed, which contains a barcode, for re-checking during the mixing phase.

Some sites weigh into Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) with final IBC Gross weight reconciliation checking.

Other weighing activities, for Lotno premix weighing, tablet weighing, reverse weighing (usually liquids) and bag-weighing are available.

Campaign weighing or bag-counting can also be used, if the same material, is weighed across many work orders.

All weighing or de-dispensed data can be transferred to other systems, such as SAP, JDE, BPCS, Movex, QAD etc.

Many other important features, such as Lotno potency calculation, followed by material (excipient) calculations, quantity sufficient calculations etc are available within 3WS.