Wayahead can customise the 3WS product for any site. All program changes are managed using a formal Change Control Procedure (CCP). This protocol ensures all modifications are managed in a consistent manner. Change Request and Change Note documentation, is managed for all program updates.

Most new functionality is included as a new System Parameter. Usually a new system parameter, will have 2 or 3 allowable settings:
N - means the new feature is OFF
Y - means the new feature is ON
A - means the new feature will require an Authorised User's eSignature to continue

The site can test the new feature on their Test environment, before making a decision on activating the new functionality.

All new functionality will then be tested using new or updated Test Scripts to generate Test Results. Each upgrade would be supplied with the relevant Test Scripts to allow the site to complete the upgrade with minimal inconvenience.

3WS also uses a validated automatic database update (ADBU) procedure for changes to the onsite database. Test Scripts are available to fully validate the ADBU feature.